About RepJesus.com

About RepJesus.com

RepJesus.com is your one stop center for the latest urban gospel news, singles, albums, events etc from Ghana and beyond. Powered by RepJesus Entertainment, the focus is to spread Urban Gospel GH worldwide.

Started off as iloveJCCafe, then justinmensah.com to repjes.us and now finally repjesus.com, the website has been a strong portal for the circulation of Urban Gospel entertainment worldwide. Over the years, the website has seen alot of facelifts, trying to keep up with the latest trends, we can boost of nothing less than 10 different facelifts and we intend to keep making more changes as time requires.

We believe that the Gospel should be free for everybody and as such we have partnered with and continue to partner with like minded ministers of the Gospel all over the world to bring to everyone not only free entertainment but high quality entertainment.

As stated above, we believe the Gospel should be free. Our motto/mantra is Freely We were Given, And Freely We should give, as such, RepJesus.com does not charge for any of the content posted on the website. We do however screen content to make sure they adhere to our specifications before we allow them on the website.

If you have singles, albums, news, event to submit to us, kindly submit your works for review and post.

Because all content on RepJesus.com is free, we believe there should be a way for consumers to give back to these amazing contributors. As such, RepJesus.com has provided a way to sow into the lives of the many contributors on this website. If available, you can simlpy click on the Sow a Seed button on any VERIFIED artist page, and find a means to sow into their lives.

Our mission is to be the No 1 portal for Urban Gospel music in Africa. Providing you free Godly and quality music that nourishes your soul. Continue to support us as we embark on this great call and we will continue to bring you the very best.

God bless you.
DJ JaySmoke
CEO • Founder