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Preachersposted an audio, Fri, 28 May, 2021

Obed Psych - Fu Yela (@obedpsych)

AudioHip Hop/Rap


Ei Bino

Win pang (God’s power)


M nong fu yela (I love you)

M bordi fu (I love You)

M nong fu yela (I love you)

M bordi fu (I love You)

M nong fu yela (I love you)


Fu mi ye mam bu  d3’3m fu yela

(You know I’m serious about you)

Daari wo m te’esiti fu yela

(Everyday, I’m thinking about you)

Kpi kum dapuur zuk fu yela

(Died on the cross for you)

Dab ata ka m vo’o fu yela

(Three days and I rose for you)


Dunia la ni 6 billi

(6 billi in the world)

Fu eng wela nong tun yini?

(How do you love us the same?)

Mam nok m pang kpaa digini tis zusob kani ka mam believit

(I have laid down all of my strength to the Lord I believe in)

Never gona leave me in no oblivion

Love from start to infinity

Fun kpelim tit mam pini

(You keep showing me favor)

Yelsum ma’a ka m yet ma nini ni

(I only see good news with my eyes)

Devil gon pack out aint it?

Arabarak ani man dini

(Blessings are mine)

Kaab sung ani man dini

(Good tidings are mine)

Ba’a ne yel be’et ka’a fal mam yirini

(Sickness and misfortune have no place in my home)

Pini la me tini tini fili fili gidigidi

(The favor keeps coming to us for real and speedily)

Kikiri na felig ka fu nongulum la gilig Ke ka Kukuma me kiligi jubilee

(Demons will flee and your love will abound and tears will turn to jubilee)

Ba ya’a lobiti ti pima la malerka la na kirigili

(When they’re throwing the arrows, the angels will intercept it)



-Verse 2-

Yelimi sutaani ye masiah la tina

(Tell the devil that the Messiah has arrived)

O faa m bas so m len k3 sinner

(He has rescued me so I’m no more a sinner)

Seel wo ani fine fine fine

(Everything is fine fine fine)

Ziim la p33 mam nyan nyan nyan

(The blood has washed me clean clean clean)





Dang Bro, why did you not do this from the onset.....this is sicccccc 🙂🙂
No doubt about that....I love the translation bit especially. - RepJesus
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