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JVS - Out The Low (feat. Hustie x R-Scar) (@JeremyvonsamJr)

AudioHip Hop/Rap

This November 18th, 2021, emerging afro-gospel fusion artist JVS is dropping gospel drill heat in his new single, ‘Out The Low’, centred around God’s grace and compassion.

Featuring Hustie and R-Scar, ‘Out The Low’ marks the first song JVS has released in the lead-up to his new EP dropping in January 2022.

The track’s lyrics deep dive into JVS’s emotions of late, underscored by themes of gratitude and giving thanks to God.

“Even though it’s been one of the worst years of my life, I’m here to testify what the Lord has done for me. The single is my personal thanksgiving to God for taking me out of darkness into light. ? Things could have ended badly, but because he died for us on that cross, we have faith. We can have everlasting life only through him!” — JVS

The single was also inspired by a number of profound bible texts that resonated with the afro-gospel star at the time of writing, including 1 John 1:9, John 3:16, John 4:16, Isaiah 1:16-18, Matthew 5:16, and Isaiah 61:10 (all from the King James Version).

JVS continues to use his personal story and grace to win souls for the kingdom of God.

‘Out the Low’ by JVS will be available on all platforms from November 18th, 2021.

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