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Jeposted an audio, Mon, 29 Nov, 2021

JE-BWOY - YESU NTI (@je-bwoy)

AudioHip Hop/Rap
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Chorus !

Yesu Nti we alright 3x
Adom no Nti we okay

Jesus is the reason why we living ain’t no body gonna stop us 
We are coming with the power of the holyghost 

Yeah You can never stop me yh

I come with the crew 
Devil you already know that you are screwed.
You already loosed 

I’m the new school
I ball with the team yeah 

A whole bunch of angels around me 
Tongue speaking boy  
You can find me

Dabro s3 wonya sika a 
To to wontoto so) dudu 

I Live by Grace 3nya adwuma den den 
Na 3bema wosika no nyinaa ay3  tin tin 

Sika mpem pem ntumi nt) Nkwa 
Nti mewaise medan menyakopon 
Oso na )Kron 
Oky3n nyankonton 
Womame ahoto 
So I ride with grace and favor 
Eii Adom no Nti I made it Eii

Favour , more grace 
Favour favour on me

More Grace 
More grace 

Adom no Nti na y3tease 
Adom no Nti we rule 
Eii Jesus thank you anhh
You the only one you gave us everything that we want Eii Eii 

Papa God Eii Eii you my God Eii Eii 
That’s why I worship 
Lift my hands Eii Eii 
All for you Eii ei 
My God 
Favour , more Grace 

Eii Eii 
Grrrrrr pawww 2x

They thought we will never make it 
Just knocking  on your door step With the message of our lord Jesus Christ 
Don’t get it twisted.
Baw Baw Baw

Yesu Nti we alright 4x



My Guy, My Guy, My! This sounds so good bro! More Grace, Favor bruh! Keep soaring
God Bless you Sir🙏🏽🙌🚀 - Je

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