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E-Greatposted an audio, Sat, 31 Dec, 2022

E-Great - Give It All ft. Lord Kess, Black Majesty, Trooth Wordsmith, T-Danso (@egreatmusic)

AudioHip Hop/Rap
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This is a song giving gratitude to God for all he has done. It has been a very tough year for a lot of countries especially Ghana, my motherland but, in all we made it to a new year and that is a lot to be grateful for. I believe I am not the only person who is grateful to God for life because, life is all that matters. The year, 2022 might have been a bad year but, as long as we have life through Christ Jesus, there's hope for a better year ahead.


We have been through a lot
And so, we tryna be grateful

I give it all to you my Lord (yeah)
I give it all to you my Lord 
I give it all
Yeah, yeah
I give it all
Yeah, I give it all 
Yeah, yeah
I give it all (yeah, yeah)
I give it all (okay!)

Been a while taking it long to come through
Been around even though I know I can't do
But God! 
You the reason why we can't cool
I'm feeling blessed 
And I thank you for the breakthrough
Adzi akye 
We are taking over the big news
Wo ay3 ama me nti me dzi b3y3 ndwom to
My whole squad go praise you, Jehovah!
Can't imagine 
What a beautiful blessing
Whole wide
The whole world dey praise you
You are the greatest above all 
No man, no god befits you
You are the biggest!
The best ever happened 
God is the greatest
No matter the world deny
Life is so precious, we giving it all we can
Life is so beautiful, Jesus we give it all
Staying connected, we never go lose it

I give it all
Yeah, yeah
I give it all
Yeah, I give it all 
Yeah, yeah
I give it all 
I give it all

I left all my burdens on to you 
And you just altered that, all be moved (move!)
And it’s done
The lord of lords
You are the God in my life (grr, grr)
So I will praise your name 
Each and every day (yeah, yeah)
And let the whole world know what you mean (yeah)
To me 
To me 
To me
You mean
You mean the world to me (uh, Majesty, let's go!)

One day I might build a church just to tell God 
Errmmm thanks a million
In BME we are soldiers we are an army  
There’s no civilian 
Stack it stack it and stash it stash it 
That’s how the blessings be
Like a billion
Pound for pound like I am British
I drop them bars
Dead beats resurrect
Call it dead lift  
We royal!
Herh, no cap
Squad and I, two peas in a pod 
Overcoming the odds 
And we give it to God
And we giving it all 
And the Lord dey agree 
So he give me the nod
Both God and the greens 
I am claiming it all 
Don’t give half so I don’t take half
That’s why I am taking it all

I give it all (give it)
Yeah, yeah
I give it all (medi ma wo, me di ma wo)
Yeah, I give it all (let's give it)
Yeah, yeah
I give it all (heeha)
I give it all (focus on the word)

Nana abi you know say we no go fit do anything 
If ebi wonna human strength
Spirit is willing but the body is weak
If you joke, you go regret
Bumpy roads we are threading on
Go at it alone, you go lose yourself
But with God in the picture
Chale we dey smile and flex (let them know!)
First of all, I wanna testify
Talk the talk
Chale Nyame really bost my mind 
Praise the Lord
Hallelujah to the one above
Ein solution go dey make all your wahala dissolve 
Yes of course
He dey get every problem solved
Trust in him
Most def you go get result
Where we from, to where we dey now eno be moff
By Yeshua's grace we move ketch the top
Dreams, he made them real for the mandem (mandem)
Took us to status of Legendary
Rydee we move be the anthem (anthem)
Everybody hear of T & T
Eno be we we dey plan them
All the glory goes to Elohim
And so from morning to night sef
All the gratitude inside us 

I give it all to you my Lord (yeah)
I give it all to you my Lord 
I give it all
Yeah, yeah
I give it all
Yeah, I give it all 
Yeah, yeah
I give it all 
I give it all 


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