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Bodilezzposted an audio, Tue, 23 May, 2023

Bodiless - iRap 5 (Mpoano Vibes) @bodiless.rje_

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Here is my 5th installment to my series, iRap. I call this one Mpoano Vibes, which means Ocean vibes). Enjoy and do comment, like and share. Bless.


Uh...Chale ma ereb3ka no )mmboa me )no m3nnka
(Na )no m3nka)
bebia 3hy3 no s3 )h) ye ma wo a na )no m3mmba
(Na )no m3mba)
ndwom a mereto no s3 3mmp3  a... na )no m3nnsa
(Na )no m3nsa)
mpanyinfo se s3 wenyiwa nkom a....3se enya beebi nnda....
breda bodiless memp3 as3m
I dey live ma life for God and ma conscience
i dey talk to ma old self in a past tense yeah
ame mey3 different of different now
ma awo 3p3 no memp3
ebia na awo 3p3 synthe
but ame de papa na me check
ma 3hy3 no mennhy3
chale ma 3hw3 no mennhw3
maay3 d3 Papa Nyameky3
mew) ns3m ka
Rap no ma package no nice tse d3 hamper how far i dey build da dream frm ground up
squad w) bars but ame de mey3 bouncer  yh
menum ns3m no y3 dendenden tse d3 atwombor a wefeature bompowder
breda towobo na ma 3reka mpo de menntse
air pod hy3 masoa mu na meb) no louder...
u know i cannot rap this good ...without givin credit to ma maker
oh yeah He dey feed me good with da bread of life Cus He b da baker
I do really wanna thank You for your love , your mercy and favor
Let's give it up Jesus Christ, ma Lord ma God n ma Saviour
back to da Yamaha flow 3b3tse tsee tsee tsee
hit da gas , no brakes y3w) kwan tsen tsen
bi twa ntsi sis mepawo ky3w menngyegye me
I got ma eyes on the prize, since class 3
me den Rap de3 nobody go fit separate
I dnt copy nobody i got ma own template
I bn cookin in ma kitchen for days and now I'm ready to serve yall ...even if you need ten plate
aint nobody do it like this (guy
u dnt pro'lly wana buy this (vibe
but u cannot hate it like chris
flow no y3 dope n u can't deny this (right
ns3m no )reba non stop
beat tse menka p3 e dey comport
takoradi anajifo dey show me support
they got ma back in the city like Laporte
chale Last week Tuesday
me maame ne nyonko bi hyia me na )se d3 Pkay
maatse d3 nkrofo pii rekeka d3 3y3 DJ
na mese d3 nyor meb) ndwom hehehe
Iyi )no )y3 mpoano vibes .... flow no y3 wavy....
Homie u go fit try but enntum ny3 wei bi
Mountain Boys we dey come chale y3reba d3 navy
squad no dey barb so wen dem see we dem dey spy we som way bi//2x


I totally love it😍
Beach vibes ampa,cos the flow is wavy🔥🔥🔥
Vibes on Vibes! Love it man! Big ups. GBYH 🙏🏾

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