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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted an audio, Tue, 10 Oct, 2023

DJ JaySmoke - SOTK (Son of the King) 5 (@jaysmoke)

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DJ JaySmoke presents SOTK (Son of the King) 5 featuring Olade, Wise Koffi, Ntym, T-Danso, Trooth Wordsmith, Christ Image. The Bible calls us Sons and Daughters of God and this project is a reminder of that fact. Shout it off the rooftops that you are a SOTK. 
Enjoy this and do like, comment and share with your friends. Bless.
Intro (DJ JaySmoke)
To call myself a son of the king is a privilege. The fact that not everyone gets to be able to do that, but I was chosen and given that ability to say yes to Jesus is something am eternally grateful for.
The Bible says that we are chosen by Christ before the foundations of the Earth. Not everybody, but us. SO I consider myself blessed to be a born again Christian.
Am a Son of the King.
Chorus (Olade)
First Verse (Wise Koffi)
Me and my brothers we reigning
We are flooding this place
We got this record in gas mode
About to set it ablaze
We were nobodies nobodies
Nobody gave us a face
You made me somebody somebody
When you died for my sake
Now I see grace, I see love
Holy Spirit, all around
Royal Priesthood, Holy Nation
I am destined for the crowns
Wonpe wei? OMG!
Certified SOTK now bestowed on me!
Second Verse (Ntym)
M'agya yɛ ɔhene..
Me nna yɛ ɔhemaa..
Ɔhene YESU ba ne me checki na me papa yɛ ɔhene..
Ntym yɛ ɔheneba..
Ɔdehyeɛ magye m'ahenemma
Tenabea pii wÉ” m'agya fie...
Agyapa w'ahennie mmra..
I Rap different...
Swag different...
I'm a son of the King..
I brag different
Metirim yÉ› medÉ› metutu taetae
Wo ne me nyɛpɛ nti medi guyguy
BEST RAPPER meso bi nya mmaae
MahusÉ› enemy gu so haehae
Third Verse (T-Danso, Trooth Wordsmith)
Focus on the word, Let Them Know
When we step into the world in our garments you know we’re royalty
Kinda like we're from another planet we are not ordinary
The authority power we harness I mean you won't believe
It is possible but it is possible we're sons of the King
And that's the truth, let them know, we are natural phenoms
And so when we move we always show the handworks of the Lord
We've got his looks yh and so we walk in one accord
With the sword of the spirit we make a decree and it's assured
We represent the King of Kings whatchu talking bout
Light of the World nobody nobody go fit to put us out
We're workers working for the harvest and not for the clout
Cos Jesus didn't do that either homie let's show you how
Unto the world he came
Performed miracles and he gave Himself on the cross
And he paid the price so we all can be saved
Made us new we are born again
We don't care about what you say
We focus on the word of God
Know that we are SOTK
Let them know
Fourth Verse (Christ Image)
Awurade gyina m’akyi/
ka kyerÉ› bonsam sÉ› É”ba me so a w’atiti/
Awurade adua n’asÉ›m wÉ” m’akoma mu É›nÉ› afifi/
m’adi, manyini/ me gu so di Nyame asÉ›m sÉ›neÉ› É›bÉ› yÉ› a mÉ›nyini/
yeah! am in Christ like a snail in shell/ am escaping hell/
bonsam ne me nni twa ka sÉ› sakora ne Jheri curls/
aerial/ not in a physical plane/
charley! sÉ› wo wÉ” gyidie wÉ” Kristo mu a, you walk the spiritual way/
Judah mu gyata ka me ho sÉ› kramo ne ne buta/
me de me kruwa aba Agya hyÉ› me ma, bubra/
ɛsono ahina mu nsuo/ na ɛsono abura mu nsuo/
nsuo bi sene adukuromu nsuo, nkwa nsuo/
m’atwa bi, m’ayÉ› dÉ›, m’ayÉ› fine/ m’ayÉ› fÉ›, I dey shine/
Frankie Taylor, no relation me yÉ› É”dehyeÉ› ba by God’s favour/
e dey taste sweet right? hyɛ ne nso sɛ ɛyɛ kristohare flavour/


Haha olaaaaaaaday - DJ JaySmoke (RJE)
This is fire 🔥
Bless Fam 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 We gotta work soon - DJ JaySmoke (RJE)
Looking forward to it Godfather - Konlaa Wisdom
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