Mister Pryzposted Fri, 28 Jun, 2019

Mister Pryz - Original Love ft RapMVP (@pryz4u)

Mister Pryz is a gentle and soft spoken young man who loves God passionately and really wants to please Him above all else. I believe strongly that God is a "rewarder" of those who diligently seek HIm.  So, my eyes are fixed on a "prize" I shall one day recieve in the kingdom of God. I am a Teacher of the Word, doing so through music. I therefore write music on subjects as inspired.
Meaning Behind The Song: I have known what it means to lose the love of those who truly mattered to me due to my failures, due to my humanity. In those times I felt so lonely, so undeserving of love, so worthless, thinking probably I wasn't matching up like everyone else... Sincerely, I almost lost it. But then the love of God - never giving up on me, and again always overwhelming me with His embrace every time I entered the throne. This gave me a new confidence and strength to truly live and be genuinely happy. I don't need any man's love to feel complete, I am so complete and whole in His love. So I thought of how I could express my experience to appreciate the one who truly loves me - flaws and all.
I did not want to sound as usual, using carefully selected "moral diction" to talk about God's love. I wanted something that was more romantic, like songs of Solomon to my Darling Father and this was what I got.
How It Came About:
It began as a song wrote upon request by a brother in church who wanted to collaborate with me. However things came up and we never made it to the studio. But then I met this guy at school, full of drive, a very optimistic and highly motivated chap - Richard Ayipah. We struck an instant friendship and subsequently Rich began to encourage me so hard to develop my gifts. Later I realized that himself was a good rapper (Rap MVP), I sang this for him and he loved to feature on it. My intentions (though unknown to him) was to influence him to use his art to push the gospel. So we hit the road, met his friend and mentor @Abochi music who guided us and recorded us somewhere late 2018. We were to come back to finish up the song but that delayed till this year, worse still till unfortunately Rap MVP kicked the bucket (17th May, 2019). He never made it back to finish up what we started, but God so good, what he put in was good enough.
So while this is solely God's, it also goes in memory of my late brother whose talent never really saw the light, I believe God knows best.


My Love for this song knows no bounds
This is good feel music. Love it
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