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RepJesusposted an audio, Fri, 14 Aug, 2020

Limitless Empire - Champion

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CHAMPION by Limitless Empire. A song composed by various talented and exclusive teenagers for the celebration of our great man of God .. (the PHENOM captain). And this song was also produced by the greatest music producer in the World D'Edifier. 


Chorus: your more than a Rare Gem, I can't trade your love ohh, you know that's impossible, Effulgence of glory, dimensions of Grace,you are indestructible

I come alive when i hear you
The word of God through you
Filling my life now, that's true
A lot of people thinking what this is about
Hommie turn around
A hero's birthday now that's who
He made us who we are through the meetings
And the teachings
And the preachings
More like making the devil run away from my business
See the greatness
Give an ovation three cheers for his highness

Sending Your smile to every moment
Your tender Love fills the heart of men
Am better because of you
No words are not enough for you
Dimensions of grace
You are 2x
Untradeable love
You are 2x

You're more than a milli, a billi, a trilli, a zilli...
Feeling my belly with overflowing joy I can't imagine...
You can either sit there or maybe
Get up on your feet and......
Put your hands together and do a dance for daddy... celebrating a body of glory...
Somebody vibe with me 2×

An epitome of Joy and peace and grace and love
The love that he shares is shared abroad
You better applaud because this one is sent from above
Peeay is sent from above

When you pull up with Grace
It's an overflow
Two time when you hit it
And I want more
Sauce! sauce! sauce!
Daddy you add the spice like hot sauce!

Loving the way that you do
You came in my life now it's all beautiful
Your love e dey high me no be "brukuto"
Anything wey say I do yeah yeah

He's my inspiration
Made a nation
outta only me
this is wonderful
coz I'm full
of the word he put inside of me
I'm so grateful
I met him now I'm so humble
Listening to him there's a lot to gain
I telling u mehn ur life will never be desame .
Coz I listen to his word everyday
I hear it in my head night and day.

Words can't describe your love
You're amazing
You brought light unto my soul

CHORUS: your more than a Rare Gem,I can't trade your love ohh, you know that's impossible, Effulgence of glory, dimensions of Grace,you are indestructible

Generosity is your best gift
The plantinium love you've shown to us you will never give less now I'm shinning now I'm bolder I say thank you for your love Daddy

Eriggs jay:
Daddy you are a champion
Your grace got me moved like a lion ahh
Am filled with your preaches,ur love and ur grace just dey feel my spirit see.

Me fail never:peeay peeay for ever this ur love nah for ever
Ur blessings dey flow like never,
The way you love me i never see,this ur love no be fantasy yeye any were you enter nah grace even the thins way you do grace yeye

You got the juice no chivita
You make the news no minimal
You're so fresh in the spirit and physical
Step in the place and the victory be coming now

You gat the grace, the grace to win the race, its the life ur called to live, dat's why u can Neva fail, like a ball, demons try to play u bk and forth and bk again, but ur not moved, u gat the grip, ders no shaking......

wata Grawn
Me dey yeh you know
Your preachings are like the almighty Jah from above. BLESS UP
Your a man with God's word
Changing so many lives around the word
Coz u talking is chirst talking,no stopping
"Duppy conqueror"I'm a ragae man by your word yeah, no more Chaka Chaka,never say never, failure say no no..
zionith our brand yeah.
Your teachings made moua who I am now,
from the bottom bottom to the top of the world ama going global to the highest mountain.

Pastor Amaechi Udeaku
Chukwunnagi ebunyie gogi Ike weh bunyiegi aku
Alovemgi so much and I will never let you go
Maka okwuchukwu inaekwu na eme ka obimu ko
Ebumgi na obimu oh .
Oyia Kam ji agurugi fa so la ti do
Pastor ibu a giver and iwekwa liver ime ihe obuna bu for the gospel
Chukwu bu your muscle
Jisike na olugi pastor oh chukwu bu your muscle

CHORUS: your more than a Rare Gem, I can't trade your love ohh, you know that's impossible, Effulgence of glory, dimensions of Grace,you are indestructible



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