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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted a blog, Thu, 25 Mar, 2021

Christians must stop selling the Gospel, it's UNGODLY - @jaysmoke

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I've heard so many Christians quote this verse and come up with their own understanding of it. But it wasn't until recently that I discovered a new understanding and it just blew my mind. I've always stood with the notion that charging for Christian content is ungodly and this verse seals my stance.

Before we get into this particular verse, let's backtrack abit. Paul was addressing bondservants prior to this verse and telling them how to serve their Masters. Then he said AND WHATEVER YOU DO. In other words, any service you render to your MASTER, do it heartily as unto the Lord not men. KNOWING THAT FROM THE LORD you will receive the reward of the inheritance, for YOU SERVE the Lord. 

A few key things here. In Kingdom Business;

1. We are called to serve not to be served. 

2. The Lord is our Master.

So looking back at this verse, we are the servants in question. And we are told to serve heartily, in other words to serve cheerfully, pleasantly without bickering or complaint. As unto the Lord, in other words, we should see the service we are rendering not for man but the Lord. What has God laid on your heart to do? What has He called you into? What's that thing He's given you to SPREAD the GOSPEL and win souls? NEWSFLASH! You've been employed by God. And it's the one who employs you that pays you.

In some economy, the government pays the doctor, teacher, etc. So these public/civil servants don't charge the patient for their service but they cheerfully serve KNOWING very well that the government will pay them at the end of the day. So Paul categorically stated in the last part of the verse that you are SERVING the Lord not man, so as Christians we should know very well that it's God who will pay us for our service not man.

Unless you tell me that what you are doing isn't Kingdom work, you should NEVER CHARGE for it. Be it in church or outside church. From musicians, to movie producers to evangelism to tv programming. If you believe that is your calling, then you are serving the Lord and He is your master. Whatever you do, He will reward you accordingly and so it's wrong to charge man for work you are doing for the Lord. It's like the shrewd business who charges the contractor and then goes around and charges the customers for the same service.

I know it may seem crazy to offer your ministry for free, but we are called to a life of faith, and we need to exercise it in line with what the word says. Charging for ministry work is ungodly, it's wrong and needs to stop. We can't expect to impact the world if we live and act like the world. We need to understand that we are not of this world. Yes it's not free to create these content, SOMETIMES, and if paying for content is an issue for you, then it's because; 

1. we choose to involve ungodly people in our ministry or Christians who don't get it.

2. we do not wait on God to lead us. 

When you do these two things, you will end up frustrated or end up charging others to retrieve what you lost. But I strongly believe that God blesses me, in other ways, so that I can use my blessings to pay for what I need, if I have to. Then I don't fall into the temptation of having to charge others. If I can't pay, then I wait. While I wait, I seek His face and direction. And He never lets me down.

The church also needs to be there for each other. The pastor needs to stop thinking about himself and understand that he is just a conduit between God and man. Use that platform to empower your people not only scripturally but financially. Create an atmosphere that encourages members to give by making sure that there's transparency and that the money given is given BACK to the church. This will encourage more giving, church workers won't have to charge for their services and they can focus on creating more Godly content, the gospel spreads further and further and the Kingdom grows.

I said once before that it's easier to get free worldly content than it is to get Christian content. Everywhere you turn, Christians are selling the gospels in all forms. We've turned the Gospel into a business. That's not what Jesus came to do. The Gospel was given freely and if we are told to go and preach to the world, it ought to be free not at a price KNOWING VERY WELL that the Lord with reward you.

Shalom 🙏🏾




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