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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted a blog, Wed, 17 Nov, 2021

Christianity is more than a title, it's a lifestyle!â„¢ (@jaysmoke)

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If you've followed my ministry long enough, you've heard me use this phrase more than once to end my shows. The sad truth about it is that alot of so-called Christians still treat Christianity like a title. You look at their life and there's no evidence of the Spirit. There's no change. There's no growth. They just call themselves Christians because the other options aren't appealing. I read the following this morning during my devotion and wanted to share. I hope it blesses someone. 


When we say real faith, it's not just something you feel or think or believe. James tells us that real faith -- the kind that pleases God -- is something you do. Real faith is not just something you say. The Gallup Poll says there are fifty million people in America who say, "I am a Christian." But just because a person claims to be, doesn't mean they are. Typically, we label people "believers" today if they vaguely sound Christian. We say, "Oh, he must be a believer." 

At the end of a World Series, some player will come on TV while the champagne is spraying, and say, 'I just want to thank the good Lord." We think, "Oh, he must be a Christian; he said "Lord'" Well, not necessarily. Many celebrities claim faith but then we see no change in lifestyle or behavior. So real faith is more than just talk. 

In Matthew 7:21, Jesus said, "Not everybody who says to me, `Lord, Lord' is going to enter into heaven." Not everybody who claims to be a believer really is a believer. James points out there is a big difference between being a professor and a possessor. 

Talk is cheap, because faith is more than just something you say, it's something you do.


So next time you see a famous someone blurt out, Jesus Jesus Jesus, don't be quick to label them Christian without first testing their spirit. It could even be you. Are you really a Christian or a fake? I pray it's the former for you.

Shalom ??


Actions speak louder than words!
You got that right Manny ❤️ - DJ JaySmoke (RJE)
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