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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted a blog, Tue, 01 Mar, 2022

Why isn't there a cool, safe place for Believer in our society? (@jaysmoke)

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It's been said that, as Christians, we in this world but not of it. This simply means that as a believer, your way of life is opposite to that of the world and as such there's a responsibility on you to ensure that you recognize this in your daily life and make sure that you do not fall in the ways of the world. This is common sense, the world's ways and ideas aren't the ways of Christ, that's why we are told, he who loves the world doesn't have the love of the father in them. (1 John 2:15) 

One of the major areas where our Christian values clashes with the world's, is in the music and entertainment industry. Because these are forms of communication, messages are conveyed through them and as believers, it's very dangerous to entertain these messages without sifting through them. You'll realize the word used here is 'SIFT'. As believers, since we already in this world, we can't just block out everything the world does, as such we have to be intentional about what we listen to, watch, read etc. In otherwords, we have to pick and choose.

But that's not easy especially in an uncontrolled atmosphere! The world is choked with it's values and principles and they are not ashamed to shove it in your face everywhere you go. This makes it very hard for believers to effectively walk the straight and narrow. Everywhere you go, except for the church, you are bombarded with worldly music. Even in Uber, Bolt and gym centres. It's so sad that there's no place where you can access social amenities without exposing yourself to these worldly entertainments. But should it be so? Why can't we have Christian centers that have all these social amenities? 

I remember walking into a banking hall and they were playing worldly music, full of profanity and I had to call up one of the staff to change it. I guess such things should be expected. But why can't we have our own safe zone, where it's all Christian values, so that you can let yourself go and worry free? If I want to listen to loud funky cool Godly music, it's in my house. You can't even find such music on radio, and you put on your TV it's worse. How do we protect the newly saved if all around them is temptations?

I guess no one said Christianity is going to be easy but we have a responsibility to protect the flock and creating Christian safe avenues to escape these temptations is one way to fulfill that responsibility. We need more Christians in positions of influence. If the TV/Radio manager/staff is a Christian, if that Barber is a Christian, if that Mall manager is a Christian, if that Uber driver is a Christian etc they will ensure that the entertainment that use is safe for Christians.

Shalom 🙏🏾



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