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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted a blog, Wed, 23 Mar, 2022

Christians spend more time organizing special events than the main event! Why? (@jaysmoke)

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This thought recently came to mind and it got me wondering what are we doing wrong here. As Christians, there's only one event that we all participate in weekly and that's going to church on Sundays. I call it the main event. This event is the most important day of the week, it is where we gather with fellow believers and worship and pray to God collectively. It's where we sow our offerings and for some, tithe. It is where we learn new worship songs. It is where we come together as a community and help those in need. It is where we hear the word of God for us for the days to come. It is where we send out kids to learn about our faith. It is an amazing place. So in every sense, I understand why Adventists' would spend their entire Sabbath day in the church because it's a very important day filled with lots of activities.Β 

Charismatic Churches today isn't close to being like this. We barely can squeeze in 2hrs of service time talk less a whole day. What is suppose to be a very important day is rushed through and everyone can't wait to go home. Is this the reason Gospel Musicians feel the need to organize 'special' events and then give it more reverence and commitment than they do a Sunday service?! Inasmuch as these events are cool, I feel that something is amiss. Why can't we use this same zeal and commitment to organize Sunday services that out shines any other event?! I mean this is the gathering of the saints, shouldn't it be as grand as any other event out there, instead of just treating it like any other day where you have Gospel artists who will give off mediocre performances on Sunday and then on special events, give out a classic unforgettable performances. Is that how it's supposed to be? I don't think so.

As Christians, I believe Sundays ought to be the best day of our week. A day we all eagerly look forward to. A day where the best is on display. A day where God sees that we didn't come to play. A day so packed with activities that even the kids don't want to go home.Β 

But we've turned Sundays into a ritualistic event instead of a life transforming one. We are in church and we can't wait to leave and go chill with our friends, go watch the games, go and sleep, go to the movies etc. Imagine being able to do all these in church every Sunday!? Then climax it with a concert in the evening?! Gospel Musicians won't have to organize 'special' events anymore.

Eh that would be one dope church.

Lord help us! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ


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