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Manny84posted a blog, Mon, 29 Aug, 2022

I dont know


Sometimes, we just dont know, what to say or think. There is so much going on in this world, its just to much. My kids already experience it, at school, among their friends, even at church. 

So much confusion, so much different views of things. 

But, from my own experience, I can say "Jesus is always the right choice". If you dont know what to do or think, focus/pray on Jesus, focus on him, till you get clearity/peace in your mind & soul. 



So true and so touching Manny! This reminds me of yesterday's sermon 'God's got my back' and I believe we all need to always remind ourselves that God is with us through everything we go through. We always tend to focus too much on what we are entering instead of focusing on who we are entering with - God. Thank you for sharing.
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