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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted a blog, Sat, 26 Nov, 2022

Why are kids going astray today? (@jaysmoke)

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In Prov 22:6, the Bible tells us that if we train our children right, when they grow, they don't depart from it. As parents, your no1 responsibility, as a parent, is to train your children right. It's not the responsibility of their nanny, their teacher, their granny or sunday school teacher. It is both you and your spouse's responsibility whether they turn out good or bad.

However, due to many factors, parents don't have time to sit down with their children and have quality time with them. They are busily working and thus hire a maid/nanny to take care of their kids. Or call their granny to come help. In many instances, this leads to privileged kids who feel entitled and won't respect authority unless it's their parents. A look at the world today and you see so many teenagers who have gone astray, don't respect the elders, do all kinds of immoral things, don't believe in God.

Recently I saw a video of a young lady performing on stage with a famous rowdy Ghanaian artist and I was very much perplexed. Why?! Because this girl happens to be the daughter of one of the biggest men of God in Ghana, and he will never, in his life, invite this artist to perform in his church, YET, here we have his daughter performing secular tracks on a world stage and she's even posting it on social media.

It got me thinking, what exactly is this man teaching his children? I say children because this isn't the first time one of his children has done something questionable. If he is training his children right, why are they not doing what is right?! Some spiritual Christians will say that he is under attack, but I believe that's just an excuse to justify the neglect of your responsibilities as a father to train your children. 

I think parents need to accept their role in the way their children turn out in life, be in good or bad. We've seen so many instances of successful men and women who give credit to their parents, for what they did for them when they were kids. Eg. The William Sisters. Elon Musk. Tupac. Ayew Brothers. Kanye. The Kardashians. And the list goes on and on.

We simply cannot dismiss the role parents play in the outcome of their children. The Bible talks about it and thus, if your children are turning out bad, don't blame it on the society, blame it on your inability to train them right. You have the power to make or break them. If you neglect them, if you pamper them, if you don't give them opportunities to develop, if you abuse them, if you spare the rod.... there's only one outcome. But if you make time for them. If you correct them in love. If you encourage them to do the right things. If you teach them about the scriptures. If you help them develop their gifts and talents. You'll see that when they grow up, they will never depart from it.

Shalom 🙏🏾


Amen! Yet, when kids are adults, they still sometimes choose to do else wise. But if you keep praying and believing, hopefully they will turn back to God, because they already know him. If parents do their best, with Gods guidence, the chances are pretty high that they will follow Jesus too. But God gave us a free will, you cant force anyone, but pray that they will experience Jesus in a personal way.
When you reach a certain age, teaching and guiding becomes force. That's why you do all that when they are still children....there are some things that my mum never compromised on when we were kids. Like going to church on Sundays, or doing your house chores, or eating all your food or washing your clothes on weekends etc. These things stick with you long after you grow up and make you think differently about life. - DJ JaySmoke (RJE)
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