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Fifi Ababioposted a blog, Fri, 09 Jun, 2023

Speak To Heal (@fifiababio)

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Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up.
Proverbs 12:25 NLT

With all the troubles in the world today, a lot of people are going through very hard times and are mostly always anxious and yet the Bible teaches us to speak kind words to everyone because they need it. 

Let your words be seasoned with salt, speak to encourage others and not to hurt them. Give your tongue to the spirit to always allow the right words come out from your mouth. 

You have no idea what your kind words will bring to others when they hear them so I want to encourage us to keep speaking good and kind to everyone one wether Christian or not.

PRAYER: Sweet spirit of God I Thank you for your ministry in my life. Take over my mind heart and soul and use them to keep encouraging other in need in Jesus Precious Name Amen.




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