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Fifi Ababioposted a blog, Thu, 29 Jun, 2023

What's On Your Mind? (@fifiababio)

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You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!
Isaiah 26:3 NLT

We always hear from preachers and church leaders encouraging us to trust in the Lord but very few understand what it actually means to trust God day by day.

Today's scripture gives us a bit of clarity as He shows us that God can only keep in perfect peace those you trust Him totally and even goes on to explain what He means by that. Keeping your mind/thoughts stayed on Him which means intentionally thinking about God and His word instead of the many challenges surrounding you.

The only way to walk through life's fire and not be burnt or life's water and not drown is to intentionally think God's thoughts which are His words in scripture. Keep your eyes in the word, your mind in the word, your heart in the word coupled with few intermittent prayers will help you enjoy the peace of God through trying times.

PRAYER: Father thank you for reminding me of what to do in these hard times. I ask and receive strength today to keep my mind eyes and heart stayed on you no matter whats happening around me in Jesus Precious Name Amen 


Amen! It's gotta be a constant reminder, even when all hell in breaking loose. It's like what k-Drama says, if I keep my eyes up, am not moved by what goes on around me.
Exactly - Fifi Ababio
Amen 🙏
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