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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted a blog, Tue, 14 Nov, 2023

I feel sorry for Christians working in ungodly companies. (@jaysmoke)

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There are a few reasons why God would put any Christian in an ungodly atmosphere. None of those reasons include you pushing their culture and agenda but what do we see today? Almost all these major secular gigs, 80% of which are ungodly, are spearheaded by so-called 'Christians'. You see it on our radios, on our TVs, Online and even in the corporate world.

How do you claim to be a Christian but you are promoting a Shatta Wale or Sark or Kidi or any of these ungodly Artists? How can you be a Christian and you are organizing an event that will promote drinking, smoking, fornication etc. How can you be a Christian and you are running a blog that promotes ungodly peeps and acts? How can you be a Christian and work in an ungodly company that produces ungodly products like alcohol, condoms, cigarettes, gambling etc. Doesn't the Holy Spirit convict you? Are you even intune with the Holy Spirit?

Claiming that 'its just work' is highly irresponsible of you. God didn't put you there to just make money by spitting on His face which is what you are doing by promoting devilish content and still calling yourself a child of God. 

I could be wrong, but I know of only two reasons why God would place you at such a place. He either put you there, to grow and learn their ways so that you can come out and help your people -- Moses. Or He put you there so that you can minister to some and win them over -- Paul. Either way, you are not there for fun but to learn and evangelize. If you aren't doing any of that, you need to have a talk with God and ask Him, if you are still aligned with His plans, and get back ASAP.

Shalom 🙏🏾


We live in an ungodly world. Everywhere we go it’s spirits and voices that try to get our attention. We are the salt. We are here to represent Jesus. Be like Him. At work or anywhere else. We should constantly be a vessel that He can use.
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