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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted a blog, Wed, 22 May, 2024

Cohabiting isn't a sin. Fornication is. Grow Up.

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Fornication isn't something that happens just like that. Your body isn't put in a trance or you lose control. It's just like every other sin we commit, you make up your mind to do it and then do it. 

When you become a Born Again Christian, you CHOOSE to not smoke, you choose to not drink, you choose to not watch porn, you choose to not steal, you choose to not lie. Same way, choose to not have sex and stick with it. Does that mean, you become perfect, no, but it means you've set a goal and you are working towards achieving it. And with the help of the Holy Spirit, you will get there.

It's possible, let's stop making excuses because you want to indulge in the act of fornication instead of submitting your weakness to the spirit. 

Cohabitation isn't a sin. Fornication is. Just because 2 people choose to stay together, doesn't mean they are fornicating. AND EVEN IF THEY ARE, how different is that from you watching porn, or smoking, or cheating or lying or clubbing or even fornicating with someone you aren't staying with? They are all sin and as Christians, we should be praying to overcome these fleshly desires, so that they don't have any hold on us anymore. 

Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I'll fear no evil, for though at with me. 

Don't run away from evil, overcome it.

That's how you GROW UP.


You said it all DJ JaySmoke we will grow up!
Hehehehe much love bro - DJ JaySmoke (RJE)
There are simply ways to avoid the temptation of falling into sin. If you once used to have sex and your sexual urges are still healthy and functional, it is not advisable to put yourself where those urges may easily be aroused. So though cohabitation is no sin, if it can be avoided, by all means one should. Everyone does not fight the same battles. While it might not be a big deal for someone to fornicate because sexual temptations are not their weakness and thry can easilystay with a person of the oppositesext withouta problem. It might notbe so easy for another. Just as one may be prone to fall into the temptation to drunkenness as compared to any other ungodly acts, such person is not sinning by being around drunkards, but that environment where everyone is indulging in what is a weaknesses to them ( alcohol, clubs, etc) makes them vulnerable to falling into getting drunk. So my point is some things are not sin in themselves, but may put one in an unnecessary position to fall into temptation that will lead that sinful act. I come in ✌️
I hear you and that's what everybody has been saying. Don't put yourself in a situation that will lead to sin. But my stance is, we are suppose to grow, and that means overcoming your weaknesses not running from them. You should be training your flesh to submit to your spirit and by so doing, when you face your weakness, you won't run because you are stay and overcome it. That's what real maturity looks like. - DJ JaySmoke (RJE)

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