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RepJesusposted a blog, Sun, 21 Feb, 2016

'God' Quits Twitter: Famous User Posing as God Goes Offline

Leaving behind almost three million followers, David Javerbaum is ending the incredibly popular parody account that has claimed the title of "God" on Twitter.

The Twitter account was founded in 2010 to accompany his novel, The Last Testament: A Memoir, which is now a Broadway play called "An Act of God."

Javerbaum, who previously worked on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," explained to Southern California Public Radio The Frame, why he decided to call it quits.

"It's been taking up too much of my time and energy and mental agility. And I have other things that I want to do in my life and I just have to, at a certain point, just cut that cord. And the point was this weekend," Javerbaum said.

@TheTweetOfGod was hacked on Valentine's Day with a post that read, "Vote Trump 2016." Javerbaum admitted that being hacked led to his decision.

"The triggering event was I got hacked. The Twitter account got hacked. God got hacked, which wasn't surprising. There were a number of obscene messages put up there briefly and then removed," he said.

The account, which is still live for the time being, was regularly used for satire and harsh ungodly commentary.

"Working on Twitter for a long time, it just miniaturised the way you think, because that's the medium. You're a miniaturist. And if I'm going to work on other things that require anything longer — i.e. anything else in the world — I need to stop doing that," he ended.

One of the most popular tweets on the account was one posted after the death of David Bowie.

"David Bowie was the God I always wanted to be," @TheTweetOfGod posted the day after the singer died. That post has been retweeted more than 21,000 times.

What is probably the accounts final tweet, the word "Justice" was posted on the day Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died.

While it might be goodbye for good, Javerbaum did not leave his followers without giving them a set of his own commandments. The revised set of commandments included "floss," "don't hate," and "cut the bull****".

Although the popular account is named God and people have professed that it in fact was "god," Javerbaum said he never "claimed to be God."

"In interviews I don't claim to be God," he told the radio station.

The writer concluded by admitting that he will miss the attention he received from the wacky Twitter account.

"I think the thing I'll miss most is the thing I'm leaving deliberately. You tweet something and immediately you see people retweeting it and it feels like, Oh, you have made people laugh. You have caused people to react. And it's a rush," he ended.

Javerbaum was not specific about what his future projects would be. 


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