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RepJesusposted a blog, Tue, 13 Sep, 2016

Ben Affleck Takes Children to Church in Jennifer Garner's Absence

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When Jennifer Garner is away, Ben Affleck makes sure to uphold her values by taking their three children to church.

Even though actors Affleck and Garner announced that they were filing for divorce in a joint statement last year, the pair have yet to do so and continue to co-parent their children. While Garner had to travel to Colorado to help premiere her film "Wakefield" at the Telluride Film Festival, Affleck took their 10, 7 and 4-year-old children to church in Pacific Palisades, California.

Photos of the foursome walking to church were published by the Daily Mail on Monday, revealing that Affleck was taking a break from filming the "Justice League" in the U.K.

Garner previously spoke about their children's desire to attend church when she was promoting her film "Miracles From Heaven." The actress said that working on the faith-based film opened up the doors for church attendance with her family.

"I will say that being around this community, while I've always gone to church in West Virginia, when I got back to Los Angeles I was talking to my kids about the movie and they said, 'Mom, you don't take us to church,' and we went that Sunday. And they went today without me," Garner said during an interview with DeWayne Hamby earlier this year. "That decision was a direct gift from this movie, and for that I'm very grateful."

In the film produced by minister and Hollywood executive DeVon Franklin along with Bishop T.D. Jakes, Garner was tapped to play Christy Beam, the mother of a chronically ill child who was miraculously healed after a severe fall.

Garner told The Christian Post in an interview back in March that she wanted to inspire people's faith with the film.

"I will be so thrilled if it lifts people's hearts in that way, if it asks anyone to re-examine their own faith and their own beliefs, that would be the pie in the sky for me. I can't think of anything better," she said. "I think on a basic level even if you're someone who goes into this just because the other movie that you want to see is full and this is what's open at the time, you should walk out feeling inspired and you should walk out with a sense of hope. You should walk out reminded about how much you get from your family and community."

Source: Christian Post



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