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RepJesusposted a blog, Sun, 25 Sep, 2016

One On One with Muby Dey


He joined G-Voice, a Christian Rap group. He found himself moving from label to label trying to master his skill through the power of the Holy Ghost to serve God better and win more souls through Gospel rap.


From Pyper music, he later Joined RepJesus Entertainment, headed by JaySmoke to begin a new phase in his ministry. As the passion got deeper, he found himself working hard to make life changing gospel songs. Working on his projects Redeem Album and Acid Rain (joint album with lil Zig), he prays to help infiltrate every single sector of the youth together with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He doubles as a professional photographer, entrepreneur and engineer aside music and having no fears in life, he fears women who can lie. You will only get to know more in this interview.


Doreen: I don't need to welcome you, because your already a part of Rep Jesus Entertainment 

M: (Giggles)…Yes

D: Aside photography, why did you decide to do music? 

M:  I am not just into photography; I’m also an engineer, photography is just a side thing. Music to me is a way of reaching out to people. If am to share the gospel with an unbeliever will do it in the best way that I can and I believe that’s through music.

D: Was music something you also did to help the kingdom or it was a calling?   

M: It was a calling because it was something that had dawned on me because back in my SHS days I use to do secular music, I went to St.Peters in the Eastern Region, Nkwatia. We were doing secular music and I had to cut everything that was distracting me from God. You know one of the things that we were doing was rap music so one day I said to myself “ahhh why don’t I use this gift for God”.

I was on YouTube and I saw a video of Lecrae and I said “wow this guy is rapping why can’t I do same for God” so I started and realised this was what God wanted me to do to, evangelizing and preaching to people and it has escalated.

D: While listening keenly to you, you said you had to leave some things behind and focus on God. What were all these things you wanted to leave behind?     

M:  Well… a lot of things. The Bible says you can't be hot and cold at the same time. Like I had said earlier, I was into secular music, so I cutt of some company because bad company corrupts good manners while I also watched my language and some of the stuff I say  and how I related to people.

D: Who produces your music...?

M: For the production shout outs to DC, he does most of the production and Makafui. Am working with Mike Mills ,the mastermind, he lives in Tema.

D: If you were 18 again, what would you do differently? 

M: Ummm... I don't think I would do anything different, because have learnt something from my life, that’s whatever that happened in my life; connects me to where I am right now. I don’t think I will change anything.

D: In a previous interview with Pipe-de-Star he said he produced your single “Higher”. How did that song come about?

M: Well, I have a friend who  called me and said “I’m in this production right now and I want to bless your music with something”. I wouldn’t say it was an impromptu thing but it just happened,  I went to his studio there and then we put down the lyrics recorded, he came up with the beats for me and it was good. 

Doreen: how much work do you put into your music? 

M:  I put a lot of work. 

D: Aside engineering and photography, how much is the a lot you put into your music?

M: Talking about my music; is more of a ministry, is more of something that God has placed on my heart, it’s more of my closeness to God, more of a calling. Music is just one aspect of it. When I completed the university I told myself I need to get a job. When you read the bible it makes you understand that the prophets of God went through serious training before embarking on what God has called them to do. 

For me now; is more of a spiritual journey. I want to put down lyrics, I want to be inspired by other gospel musicians so when I start coming out with my song it’s going to be powerful.                                              

D:  Who are the people who inspired you?

M: The people who inspired me, Lecrae

D: Everybody doing urban gospel  loves Lecrae. 

M: Ow yeh, when it comes to urban gospel he is one of the people with the torch, the front liners. I think he sacrificed a lot for this. For me I knew him way back even before he got popular, that was 8years back when he hadn’t won any award but now he has won the Grammys and people ask “ where is this guy from”. You can see this guy has dedicated songs to God, he is one of the people who inspire me. 

And then Tedashii, Andy Mineo, Detrick Haddon and Kirk Franklin are very instrumental when it comes to contemporary gospel and yes they are the people I really look up to.

Doreen: You know the gospel scene has been a little bit overcrowded. How do you intend to set yourself apart from the others? 

 M:  Everyone is unique in his own way and I think what is happening right now is that everybody is trying to get into the gospel scene, we are all trying to do music without spending time to identify our true calling, uniqueness and what God has called us to do.

What I believe is that everybody has got a different blue print, the same way everyone has different finger print. I might rap but my rap content might be different from yours and you can only identify your true calling when you spend time with God. 

That is what I’m doing right now. I’m in the process of identifying what exactly I am to do. Even though am in the process am still going to be working on songs. Whatever God tells me to do I just have to follow but in the end I just know it’s going to be different from others doing. 

D: So how much time do you spend writing music and also producing it?

M:  I actually spend a lot of time 

D: Spending a lot of time, is it 2 hours a day or 4hours a day? How much time do you spend doing music? 

My time has been scheduled, I wake up to have my devotion at 4.00 am or  5.00 am, sometimes I even wake up at 3.00 depending on what the Holy Spirit wants me to do, then from 5.00am to 6am I put down lyrics.  You know I also compose songs for other people. 

I won’t get into that. So I get inspired and I write down stuff and most of them will be reflecting in my upcoming projects am working on. 

D:  So…about the songs you write for other people you don’t want to touch on. I want to go there…He! He! He! Want to know about the songs you write for other people. You said you don’t want to go there but I want to go there.... 

M:  No! No! Ok, I’m going to tell you something little not everything. I can’t disclose many but you know gospel music is a big avenue and under it is Gods light, different genres like souls, r & b among others which are all under gospel music. Upcoming r& b gospel musicians, some of them I happen to know. As time goes on they will be the ones to acknowledge me I don’t have to say it. 

D: You were saying something about your project, what’s it about?

M:  There are millions of projects but I will go into the major one. Currently am working on my album.

D: What's the name of your album? 

M: “WITHIN”, I have been working on this for two years now and I'm still working on it.

It's going to be free for people and I’m not going to put a charge on it. It contains about  24 songs.

D: And how do you plan to market your album not for money, but to promote it? 

M: For promoting it I don’t think that will be an issue because is there…(laughs) and other platforms like the iTunes, Amazon and many others. I’m going to put it across, even though am going to make it free and open it to the public.

D: I guess you have a YouTube account? 

M:   Of course I do. 

D: Have you produced any video for your singles yet?

M:  I shot a video that was way back which was produced three years ago. It’s a nice video. 

Doreen: Why isn't Praise TV playing it?

M: They do play it from time to time. 

D: I watched you perform on Praise TV during one of the Live programs and I was so happy to see you perform. I screamed “ Ow yeah that’s Muby, that’s Muby” I can really be happy sometimes with myself; I know that. 

M: Hahahahahah….wow. 

D: What’s it that you are most afraid of? 

M: Actually, I don’t think of anything I’m afraid of.                       

M: Eiiiii Muby are you sure?

M: (laughs)...yeah I think am afraid of women who can really lie, make things up and stuff like that.

Doreen: Why are you afraid of them?

M: Am a person who is all about the truth, I prefer you telling me the truth than for me to find out later you were lying. People can tell you plenty lines and later you find out that it was all a lie.

 Doreen: Muby I heard you were married and that you had your wedding some years back. Why didn’t you make it public Muby, at least am your friend.

M:  (Gets serious)…Eiiiiiiiiiiii! Where is this information from?

D : (I laugh uncontrollably at this point)  it’s  a rumor circulating all over.

M:  Really! Eiii, are you sure? I don't know, maybe they married someone for me. As far as I know I am not married to anyone am truly single.

D: Anyway that was a joke  from me and a humorous part of the interview.

M: Ahhhhh, ow okay so you faked my marriage eh but l also hope to get married soon if I find the right partner.

D: How do you intend to sell your music internationally Muby?

M:  We are now in a digital age and in order to reach a mass audience we have all these social media platforms, websites, iTunes among others which will help me spread my music internationally. It’s also about finding the right people to market and advertise your music for you.

D: We’ve been talking for some time now and you haven’t said anything about you taking a music tour.

M: I had wanted to embark on my own tour years ago but I realised that it became an intuition where everyone out there is doing it  so I went into organizing events and we had a couple of events around. We organized One Mic Session among a few others.

D: If you had the power to Ban one thing in this world what would that be?

M: it will be pride, because I believe the gays and the lesbians will be humble enough to listen to the word of God and change will come. Those who steal, lie and the criminals walking around if they are humble enough to allow the word of God to take on.

Even our Christian brothers and sisters living in sin if they are humble enough to let the word of God descend on them they will change.

D: What's your favourite song amongst all the songs you have released?

M: That will be “More Grace”.

D: And what about this song makes you want to select it amongst all the songs you produced?

M: There is this particular one which is so special; it talks about the Gospel of Grace. The grace of God is something that is so key we have; that the people in the Old Testament didn’t have. It’s something that has covered us and in the end it’s the grace of God that works.

We in ourselves are not righteous but we have the righteousness of Jesus Christ and I believe it’s not about how nice the song is, it’s about the content and that’s why its (More Grace)  my favourite.

Doreen: oh okay... so this is a random question, nothing really serious. If you had to travel, what would you not travel without?

M: My phone

Doreen:  Who is the most famous person you ever met or whose the person you felt happy to meet.

M: I think that will be Juanita Bynum. She is a prophetess from the US and she came to Ghana about 7 –8 years ago and we were going on an evangelism tour. I was asked to join in and when I got there, there were a group of people with her and I decided to join.

This is someone who has inspired me with her message and I felt like it was a blessing to be with her and shake hands.

 D: Muby how old are you?

M:  I am 5years old…Ha! Ha!

D: Final words to people out there, your fans, the models you had photo shoots with, your company GRIDCO and everyone who loves you. What would you like to tell them?

M: I would like to tell them that God has placed something in all of us. It might not be music, it might not be standing on the alter to preach, it might be working in the bank, it might engineering, it could be any of that; so doing something that God has told you to do, you realise that you actually move forward.

For me I will tell the people out there including my co-workers at GRIDCO to follow their hearts and look on to God to show them what they have to do. For life there is no strategy. That's my advice to them. They should also keep praying and shouldn't lose focus on God, they should keep also keep the mark of excellence with God in everything that they hope to achieve and it will come to pass.

To the models they should do whatever they are doing well and stay focus.

And to my people at repJesus I want to say that this year God has stored something big for us   and we should just keep on doing the good work. God will elevate us and we will be in the four corners of the nation, Africa and the world at large.





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