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New film 'Vanished' presents a fresh take on popular book series


'Vanished – Left Behind: Next Generation' will be presenting a fresh take on the wildly popular book series 'Left Behind' for a new generation of fans. The film is loosely based on "Left Behind: The Kids" which was also well-liked by teens and children.

Randa LaHaye, grandson of "Left Behind" co-author Tim LaHaye, said that his grandfather endorsed the film before he passed away in July.

"Finally there is a movie on 'Left Behind' that captures what made the books so successful," the elder LaHaye was quoted as saying.

While the books were very popular, Tim was not very enthusiastic about the previous films. According to Randy, the author felt that the films "missed the outreach potential that the books so fully realized."

Tim and co-author Jerry Jenkins have not sold the rights of the kids' series to any movie studio despite its popularity.

The movie is aimed at teens and young adults. The younger LaHaye said he got the idea for the new movie while watching "Twilight." He stated that the new film does not totally follow the storyline of the kids' series but the general themes are still present.

Watch Trailer below:

Randy thought that he did not need to be faithful to the books because young people do not really know about the "Left Behind" series.

"I thought: Why don't I just do a fresh young modern version of Left Behind and reintroduce this concept in an exciting way to a new generation of followers and fans? That's how the idea came about," Randy told Christian Examiner.

Randy added that the movie will appeal to non-Christians as well. He believes that the movie will lead the viewers to start asking questions about the Bible.

"Vanished" is scheduled to hit theaters on Sept. 28. The one night special event will include an exclusive Q & A with the cast and filmmakers. The film stars Amber Frank, Dylan Sprayberry, Mason Dye, Brigid Brannagh, Keely Wilson and Rachel Hendrix. Randy co-produced the film with Dave Alan Johnson. It was directed by Larry A. McLean.


Source: Christian Times


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