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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted a blog, Mon, 27 Nov, 2017

FACT: Majority of Christians are actually Hypocrites not Christians #ShutupJay

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When I look at this stat and look at what's going on in our society, it makes me wonder. If only they were true. What if we really had that much "Christians" in this country? Things will def not be the same.

But truth is, this is just a title for many. True Christians aren't as many as it's being portrayed. Why? Cause these so-called Christians are owners of clubs, secular radio nd tv stations, they organize secular events, they sponsor secular shows, they watch, listen to and attend all these secular shows, some own big alcoholic companies, some sit in government post and approve sale of condoms and cigarettes, they are video directors who shoot profane and seductive videos, they are tv presenters who entertain secular lifestyles, they are radio presenters who promote profane music and discuss ungodly issues. They are the ones who sit in taxis and tell the driver to increase the volume when a secular tune is playing, they are the ones who spend hundreds of cedis to go to a secular event, they are the ones who will sit, watch, talk, tweet about a secular show. Yet they attend church, fast, pay tithe and lift up "holy" hands to praise and worship God.

So my question is who are we fooling? God or ourselves? If we say that 65% of us are followers of Christ yet don't do what He would do, then aren't we more of Hypocrites than Christians? Maybe a better phrase would be "10% Christians, 55% Hypocrites, 35% others" I think that'll resonate well with the current state of our country.



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