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RepJesusposted a blog, Wed, 03 Jan, 2018

Top 30 Tracks of 2017


2017 was a really busy year for Urban Gospel. Apart from the nominations at various awards shows, we witnessed the birth of really creative and talented urban gospel ministers. The introdiction 2017 kicked start a new phase in urban gospel and I am super proud of all the guys who were handpicked to kick start this project. I have to say that, indeed most of them made it into the top 30 countdown. 

Top 30 Countdown

  1. KingzKid - Shoe Shine
  2. Uncle Reece - Until I Pass Out
  3. Lil Zig - Sika Duro
  4. Ighteous - Not Ashamed
  5. Kingzkid - Untouchable ft Lil Zig
  6. Kobby Salm - Personal Love
  7. Preachers - Above
  8. Kingzkid - Sentimental
  9. Regardless - Priceless ft Nii Soul
  10. JaySmoke - SOTK 4
  11. Akapela De Burner - Epic Bible
  12. Perez - Shake it ft Kingzkid
  13. Preachers - Why dem shaa like dat
  14. Kingzkid - Testimony
  15. Lil Krah - Aane
  16. Edem Evangelist - Aben Dada
  17. Akapela De Burner - OKRA
  18. Kingzkid - Thy Kingdom Come ft Kelar Thrills
  19. Joe Kay - Felony Kid
  20. Kingz Kid - I got ma Jesus on ft Regardless
  21. E-Rock - Church dey Sweet
  22. DJ @JaySmoke present The Introduction 2017
  23. Kaysi Owusu - Yes You Are The Lord
  24. Akapela De Burner - The Warning
  25. Belac 360 - Winners Anthem
  26. E-Rock - God Dey
  27. Joe Kay & Bentino - Over Bars
  28. Celo - Blessings
  29. Perez Musik - Suddenly
  30. JaySmoke - Junk in your Trunk ft Bishop TD Jakes

Congrats to all the guys who made it and to all those who didn't, I want you to ask yourself a few simple questions when you analyze the songs.

  • What makes this song appealing?
  • What is the artist doing different? How can I emulate?

The idea is to better yourself and come out with excellent material this year so that come this same time next year, your song will be featured here. Amen.


  • Kingzkid has the most number of tracks in the chart.
  • Uncle Reece is the only foreign track featured in this year's countdown, the rest at 100% Ghanaian tracks.
  • The oldest track on the charts is Uncle Reece 'Until I Pass Out' and the most recent track is Ighteous 'Not Ashamed'.
  • We had a total of 16,210 downloads.
  • Kingzkid - Shoe Shine was downloaded 1229 times. Uncle Reece - Until I pass out was downloaded 1205 times and Lil Zig - Sika Duro was downloaded 1105 times.

What do you think of the result? Do you have something you would like to share? You can leave your thoughts below.


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