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Preachersposted Mon, 04 Mar, 2013

Preachers Go Worldwide

The four talented young men,Dennis,Eddy,Psych,Emani with the help of God have once again set the pace in the Urban Gospel Music Industry.Their debut album,which was released in the year 2012 is now available on iTunes,Rhapsody,cdbaby,Spotify,Amazon mp3,,Goggle music and emusic,in short you can now purchase Preacher's Mark 16:15 album is on virtuallyl all the online music shops.The album has ten songs and features Isaac Ogoe,Christ Image,Lyrical Solider,Jay Shady and Zadock. All songs on the album are Holy spirit inspired and seeks to transform the the inner man and win more for Christ.To my online shoppers this album would be a turning point in your life,allow it to minister to your spirit.To the four men of God,more power to your elbows.


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