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Ken Tposted a blog, Wed, 25 Apr, 2018

Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Hornets Star Clings to Faith Amid NBA Trials



NBA trade rumors linking Charlotte Hornets star Dwight Howard to struggling teams in need of a big man backup like the Los Angeles Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Brooklyn Nets, and Toronto Raptors have once again made their way to the headlines.

Speculations are rife that the former Orlando Magic star has been attracting potential NBA trade deals that could send him to any of the abovementioned teams in exchange for draft picks and other younger stars. More importantly, fans of the Charlotte Hornets fear that the ex Los Angeles Lakers player might damage the chemistry of Nicolas Batum and Kemba Walker.

Does this mean that the Dwight Howard trade train is once again back on track?

Trailing behind the New York Knicks, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, and Washington Wizards in the Boston Celtics-led Eastern Conference, the Kemba Walker squad is reportedly looking to simply rebuild and collect promising draft picks. If proven to be true, then this move could signify the start of the Dwight Howard trade negotiations as he is the oldest player in the team.

At the moment, though, no official confirmation has been given by the Charlotte Hornets or any of the NBA teams tagged in the latest Dwight Howard trade stories. Fans of "Superman," meanwhile, believe that the star will be better at handling this latest adversity compared to his reactions in the past. Citing his renewed and reinvigorated faith, supporters of the widely known Kobe Bryant nemesis are confident that he will get through the NBA season stronger.

The change in Dwight Howard started to become apparent in one of his interviews during his stint with the Houston Rockets and at the peak of his alleged rift with James Harden. Speaking with Shawn Brown of CBN Sports, the NBA star revealed that he continued to struggle with his faith in relation to his mistakes upon entering the league. Everything started to change, however, when he made the decision to reconnect with his family and go back to the values ingrained in him growing up.

"My mission was to preach God's word, you know, in the NBA," shared Dwight Howard in the interview. "Use the NBA as a platform for God. And when I'm on the floor, you know, let people see, you know, the God in me."

According to the Charlotte Hornets star, he sees Jesus Christ as his "rock." He further shared, "When things are going wrong, when, I'm at a bad place, when I sin, I feel like He's there. He's my foundation."

What do you think? Will the new batch of Dwight Howard trade rumors push the Charlotte Hornets star to go back to his old ways? Or will his renewed Christian faith be strong enough to let him survive these speculations?


SOURCE: Gospel Herald


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