DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted Sat, 11 May, 2019

DJ JaySmoke - Too much baby Christians in Church (@jaysmoke)


The Church really needs to sit up and do something about this baby christians dilemma. If not, the Church will lose its essence because we have allowed baby Christians to mount stages and pulpits to do, say whatever they want. There's nothing wrong being a baby Christian but this is a stage in your growth, it's not meant to be the end product. As a baby, when you are crawling, you rely on people to assist you, guide you, protect you, but today you have baby Christians who won't listen to counsel, but will tell you 'mind your business you holier than thou, we ain't perfect' and then do whatever they want. And the Church sits back and doesn't take action. That wasn't how it was in the old days. You do something wrong, you had a council of elders you answer to and sometimes punishment dealt. What happened to the Church? Pastors afraid to address certain issues, afraid to step on someone's foot, afraid to lose a member or receive less offering?

The Church is a "BODY" of believers. The Church should be closely knitted than any Mafia clique. The Church you belong to is your first family. It is where you grow, find your purpose and fulfill your destiny. It should be where we help each other, grow our business, family, lives. But we have turned it into an event that happens once a week, no wonder anyone can walk in and out and call themselves Christians and claim to belong to this or that church yet doesn't even know the principles, believes of that church and doesn't answer to anyone! SMH!

Pastors, we need matured Christians not baby Christians. Give them the food they need to grow, not to keep them babies forever. The end is near!

Shalom ❣️


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