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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted a blog, Thu, 30 May, 2019

DJ JaySmoke - More to life than this...@jaysmoke

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You wake up early, join the queue waiting for the next train/bus to get to work or jump into your car, head to work, sit in traffic for hours, finally get to work, you sleepy but you manage to make it through the day, join the queue again or get in to your car on your way back home, stuck in traffic again for another hour, finally get home, tired, hungry, you shower, eat, watch TV, sleep. If you married, you prolly wanna please each other and if you have children, you want to spend time with them. Wake up the next day and it's the same. If you can working, you either looking for work, moving from place to place. If you are a student, moving from class to class, hanging out, spending time on social media, studying early in the morning, late at night etc.

All over the world, we are busy or not busy doing one thing or the other. Do we stop to ask, is this all there is to life? Be rich, buy all the luxurious things in the world, big house, furnitures, cars, electronic gadgets, clothes, get married, have sex as many times as you want, have babies, travel the world, be a successful business man/woman, famous celebrity, take pictures and post on social media for likes and follows, spend hours browsing other people's social media? Do we stop for a second to this all there is or there is a higher realm to all these?

I've come to that point in my life where you realize that all these things are not important. We are designed from childbirth to focus so much of our lives trying to attain all these things that we lose focus of the most important. Jesus told the rich man, go give all you have to the poor and come follow me, the poor guy turned away in saddness cause all his life, he has toiled to get all that he has and now he is been told they are nothing and he should give them all away for a supposed higher life. He couldn't do it. So why are we chasing all these things when they are the very things that will hinder us from a true service to God? We become so engulfed with them that when it comes to choosing between leaving all these behind and serving God, we turn our backs to God or start to find ways to compromise!

So I placed myself in the rich guys shoes and asked myself, can I give up everything, money, all the likes, followers on social media, my properties, even family and go serve God? And frankly speaking the first reaction was no, so I don't blame the rich guy for walking away.

But is this the life God purposed for us to live? To be slaves to our lives? We acquire so much that they become little gods that we can't let go to serve? To truly serve God, we need to get to the point where we are free of all these things, free to serve, free to be used. 

If there's a higher life than all these, then I want that life! I want a life free of material things. I want to be free. To go where He sends me. To do what He ask me to do without any fear or worry of what I will lose. I want that total surrender to God. To not be bound by work, social status, family, friends, money, properties etc. The Lord is looking for disciples to send, can you boldly say, Lord here I am, send me?

My prayer is that we all get to that point where nothing can stand in our way of service to God! And I don't mean going to church! I mean serving God in spirit and in truth with all our being. Living to serve first, to the point whereby your life is no longer yours but His. To be used by Him to seek and save the lost. Just as we sing; use me Lord as your instrument, literally. That's my heart's desire and I pray it becomes yours too.

Shalom 🙏🏾


Thankx guys! I pray God give us the strength to fulfill the great commision. Bless you all.
Nice one. Thanks for sharing this thought.
Hmmmmm God is God
Inspired..... Thank you!
Great piece...🙂🙂 well said... Gbu

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