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The 2 Men Responsible For Ghana Urban Gospel Virtual Concert


A monumental feat in the history of Ghana Urban Gospel happened last Saturday, May 16th at 4pm in the Studios of CeeJay TV. However, this event didn't just happen. Two men by the name, Psalm 1, the Christ Junkie & Restus Yao Numadzi, who believe & have faith in Ghana Urban Gospel decided that it was time for the urban Gospel community to unite & come together to give the world & lovers of urban gospel a live virtual experience of authentic Ghanaian Urban Gospel. The COVID-19 pandemic has had it toll on the world at large & affected the music industry thus, artists have had to reinvent themselves and be innovative. One of the ways artists have done so is to have their individual virtual concerts to reach out to their fans. That wasn't the case for the urban Gospel community in Ghana. Instead of an individual virtual concert, these two men agreed to rather have one for the whole urban gospel community. The decision to have this event came about through a whatsapp chat between the two main organisers.

The purpose of the event was to glorify JESUS, project & reintroduce urban gospel to the world, Unite stakeholders and give lovers and supporters of Urban gospel a taste of what they've been missing due to the corona pandemic. They gradually contacted people within the community who formed a strong team to help achieve this in 2 weeks and they pulled off one of or if not, the biggest urban gospel event put together by the community. This event had TV stations telecast it live on digital & Satellite television. Stations such as: Praise TV, Powerline TV, Precious TV, Dikoder TV & Homebase TV. A feat which hadn't been done before.

The event had a blend of the original pioneers of Urban Gospel & the very young & vibrant young pioneers of this era grace the stage with powerful back to back ministrations and performance. Artists on bill were Psalm 1, Kingzkid, Preachers, Esaias, Min. Kofi Otchere, Call Me Nazareth, Minister Rapture, Kobby Salm, Scot Evans, John Winner, Joe Kay, Belac and many more.

The live TV event was smooth, clean & spectacular in its delivery and was an epitome of excellence. The event was a bold statement and worthy of all the praises and applauds it's getting. A big congratulations to Restus Yao Numadzi & Psalm 1, the Christ Junkie for believing in the culture and pulling this off.


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