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Psalm Oneposted a blog, Sat, 23 May, 2020

The Foundations of Urban Gospel Was Built On Togetherness, Let's Not Divide

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Celebrated Ghanaian Gospel Spoken Word Legend & Urban Gospel Pioneer, Psalm 1, the Christ Junkie advocated for the unity & Togetherness of Urban Gospel stakeholders in Ghana on the Rock for Jesus show with DJ Paloma on Zylofon FM today.

He went on the show to talk about the success, achievements & impact of Ghana Urban Gospel Virtual Concert which was held last Saturday & touched on other topics as well. He being one of the founding fathers of the Urban Gospel Movement in Ghana with his group Heavens Connection, he touched on how the movement was founded & how stakeholders back then went about pushing urban gospel collectively more than individually. He believes that individualism in Urban Gospel is good but became the order of the day which divided stakeholders to stop partnering to push the movement collectively. He stated that, a unified front was what made urban gospel more successful, not individualism. He stated that back then, urban Gospel stakeholders came together to go on tours in high schools, universities & take over churches including organising their own programs which they performed to each other. He also said Urban gospel was initially considered a "sin" by churches as it wasn't accepted as the normal or traditional way of gospel music so artists were more of "misfits" or "outcasts" thus the need to have created its own space and stand together.

He advocated that, urban gospel artists should continue the spirit of togetherness that has been established through the impact & success of Ghana Urban Gospel Virtual Concert, which brought together both young & old stakeholders. In that, history shows we only succeed together not individually. 

Watch the interview here:


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