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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted a blog, Mon, 15 Mar, 2021

Go watch some SEX Videos to spice up your sex life - @jaysmoke

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Pornography is an act that's gravely frown upon by the church and for the right reasons too. But I believe that some form of pornography (sex education videos) can serve a good purpose, if channeled properly.

Sex is one of the most important areas in any relationship and Christian marriages is no exception. Unless the couple don't enjoy sex due to some medical or psychological issues, I believe that most couples want a very healthy sexual relationship.

However, so many times, you find out that couples lack skills when it comes to engaging in sexual acts with their partners. At this point, they either rely on advice from friends or go see their Pastor for counsel. Because pornography is frowned upon, it's never even mentioned as a possible solution to their problem. But what if porn is the solution?

We all know that there's no shortage of porn materials online. A few clicks here and there and you will be presented with a wide array of pornographic content. It's true that most, if not all, of these materials were not created for educational purposes, but there are several other porn materials that can serve as a major learning tool for any couple who need to improve their sexual skills. Kamasutra has long been used as a sex education tool. Homemade Sex Videos by couples sharing their intimate moment with anyone willing to watch. Educational Sex Videos teaching on his to pleasure your partner in diverse ways. These are all considered porn but with a different twist.

With that said, I am in no way encouraging anyone to go watch porn for pleasure. I consider porn to be like fire. If handled properly, it can do alot of good but if given to a kid, you know the rest. Same thing with porn. You have to know what you are looking for, why you are watching it and if you can, do the watching with your partner so that you can experiment with your partner.

Before you know it, you two will be having the best sex in your whole life.

Shalom 🙏🏾


Jay Porn plays with your mind in ways you cannot believe. All the characters in porn movies are actors anyway and fake alot of things. I believe there are appropriate places to go in search of such topics but porn leads to list because it is clever way of the enemy to mess with you. Imagine you watch porn with your spouse and see all these ladies who are heavily endowed in all areas where you fall short. Subconsciously you begin to develop appetite for such ladies and when it gradually feeds into you, you see a heavily endowed woman and start lusting after her because all the porn you watched will begin to play in your mind. Now let's say you are a strong Christian land you don't sleep around. Having the thoughts alone is sin according to Matthew 5:28
I understand you bro. I used porn to draw awareness but really I am just referring to sex videos. Porn has so many facets to it. We have the one you are talking about and then we have stuff like Kamasutra, home made sex videos etc which are anything but fake or for lust. They all fall under porn. Also we should understand that this is for married couples looking to spice up their sex life not for pleasure seeking. They should approach this from an educative point, if not they will not get the essence of why they are even watching in the first place. - DJ JaySmoke (RJE)
I read the full article and I have some serious concerns here .First and foremost porn is not a reflection of how sex is supposed to be in reality. Why because it is very fake and exaggerated ,how can any normal person have sex with other people in the room ,some with cameras in close proximity, directors involved who pay actors to perform . The scenes are shot like a movie over a long period of time ,edited and presented in a very unrealistic way to portray a twisted and selfish image of sex. It is so far from reality and so not worth emulating, matter of must be avoided. Sex according to bible is supposed to be for a man and woman in wedlock and the marriage bed should be undefiled and kept intimate and private. So it is a very slippery slope watching something as stage managed as porn and try to reproduce it in the marriage bed. It is somewhat like trying and do the stunts that are done in WWE to help you defend yourself in a real life scenario. There will always be a disconnect with what one watches on porn clips and what should be done in the marriage bed. Like the scenario of WWE ,which is done by trained actors who have rehearsed a scene over a period of time so that it can create a buzz for views,the stunts can NOT be used in real life situations. That is why they have a disclaimer when you are watching professional wrestling 'DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME' but of course they won't make the such a disclaimer about porn movies because they are meant to seduce us and make us think that we are missing something. It is carefully orchestrated by crafty folk to enticed the masses in a sex crazed world.It gives many naive people have a false and convoluted view of sex which God ordained to be enjoyed in the confines of marriage. And yes like everything else in life we can learn to get better at it ,but the question remains ,who and where is your source of knowledge? Porn is so far from best sexual practices as it mostly demean the people especially women involved.My thoughts!
Thanks for your contribution Kofi. I appreciate it. But I can't help but feel you are being a bit myopic about this topic. Porn as we know it, yes, is portrayed and seen as something evil and shouldn't be encouraged. Very understandable and I am not saying we should all go and watch porn and it's ok. First this article is for married couples. Secondly it's for married couples who want to spice up their sex life. I find it very hard to understand how a married couple watching other couples have sex is bad and evil. The keyword here is education. They are not watching as a means of pleasure, as many do, which is why the church frowns on it but they are watching it to learn about different things to do to enhance their sexual experience with each other. I have to categorically say that Porn is not only the fake movies we watch. We have homemade porn and even Kamasutra which is taught around the world by sex experts. These can also be considered porn unless I don't understand what porn means. But if it's two naked people on screen having sex, then even Kamasutra is porn and that to be is wrong because the whole point of Kamasutra isn't about finding pleasure but educating yourself. Let's stick within the context, married couples wanting to spice their sex life. Bless. - DJ JaySmoke (RJE)

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