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Farida A. Mimiposted a link, Thu, 29 Dec, 2022

Farida Mimi - Afro-gospel is spreading to Europe!

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Afro-danish artist Farida Mimi has finally found her sound! For a long time Farida Mimi was missing a huge part of her personality in her music and that was AFRICA. 2023 has been a wonderful year for Farida Mimi and because of that “Because of You” came about. 

Having to deal with a lot of heartbreak, mental and physical changes between 2019 and till very beginning of 2022 God blessed her with a year of peace and solitude and she has finally understood that trusting in Him is the only way of life she needs.

Still using her voice as a way to celebrate and worship God she felt drawn to her roots. With this song she gives God the glory, for teaching and showing her who He really is and what wonderful things that comes with being a child of God. She has teamed up with friend and brother from the motherland Ghana, to create a banger! GodsNation is the featuring artist, and he puts his flavourful rapping style on the track. In their native tongue twi, he makes the song sound true to the afrobeat vibe and sound. 

Pre-save link attached!


Link isn't working....
It is now, thank you. - Farida A. Mimi
Is this a single or an album?! If it's a single, we recommend you to upload the single instead. You can restrict the download if you don't want it downloaded. - RepJesus
It is a single. But it’s not released yet. - Farida A. Mimi
Coool coool. Maybe a blog post with title "new single dropping soon - presave link" and a link in the description will work best. Try that. - RepJesus
Oooh thank you so much for the help☺️ you’re greatly appreciated🙏🏾 I’m still trying to figure the platform. - Farida A. Mimi
You welcome 😉 You can contact us if you need any assistance.... - RepJesus
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