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RepJesusposted a video, Thu, 08 Jul, 2021

Justin Bieber's Journey to Christ | Mini Movie 2021


Justin Bieber's Journey to Christ shares some insight into what Justin believes in and how he sees his relationship with Jesus. Watching the video, I couldn't help but think of R Kelly, and his many struggles with his life and his faith. In the end, we know where that landed him. So am wondering if this is the same path Justin is treading on. Is this a young R Kelly in the making? Or is he a clear picture of millions of Christians worldwide? Having faith but not obeying? 

There's so much to learn from this video and I hope you will enjoy it and let it speak to you in more ways than one.



What is more evident is the need for believers to live an exemplary Christian life cos like Justin said he had bad examples of people who represented Christ in a wrong way and this had an effect on his perception and eventually his personality and relationship with God..Thank you for sharing this Boss Jay
Truth be told! (no pun intended) - RepJesus
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