Joe Kayposted Mon, 28 Aug, 2017

Joe Kay - One Roll (@iamJoeKay_GH)

In Genesis 1: 27, God said he created us in his image, in the image of Him did He create us both Males and Females.

We are here to show forth the glory of our Father, He calls us Royals, Peculiar People……Yet we have some of our brothers and sisters out there who are smoking themselves and their heads off with Marijuana. This is becoming a menace in our society, with statistics from the “WORLD DRUGS REPORT” ranking Ghana Number 3 in the world and Number 1 in West Africa when it comes to Marijuana usage.

This song is to help sensitize and create the awareness that we are not here to condemn those involved in the act but rather to let them know that there is a greater purpose and value to their lives than allowing marijuana to destroy them.

Romans 5:8 says God demonstrates his love to us all even whilst we were yet sinners by giving his Son to die and to bring us redemption.

I humbly want to employ the efforts of every brother or sister to support this Campaign and help bring the message and Love of Jesus Christ to all in such situation. God bless You.



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