TIP D'Swaggalistposted Fri, 18 May, 2018

Tip D'swaggalist - Dromo ft Miss Walters (@TipDswagg @MisswaltersGH)

The song is just about the Grace of God through Christ making it possible for us to do the things others thought it's impossible for us to do. It is a joint collaboration between Music For Christ front line artist in the person of *Tip D'swaggalist* and Christ Energy Music front line artist *Miss Walters*

In the song Myself and Miss Walters were trying to communicate to the listeners about the transformation that we've both seen in our lives and for that matter we owe it to the fact it is the Grace of God that has made it so.

For this reason we are telling our peers who thought probably because of our hard work that's why we are doing the good things they see us doing to decease from that mindset and accept it that it's just by the Grace of God.

The song is a fusion of four different languages, Twi, Ga, Fante and English, so that our audience will appreciate the content and the information fed in.

Without the Grace of God no man can do anything good which is able to stand the test of time.


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