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Shyne On Me - Haters Will Say Its Photoshopped Album

Get the new EP from Shyne On Me entitled Haters Will Say Its Photoshopped

"Haters Will Say Its Photoshopped' is a project celebrating Shyne On Me' s full deliverance through submitting his life whole- heartedly to Christ! After 10 years of struggling with addictions and personal demons such as alcoholism, drug abuse, depression etc., the artist comes clean about his fight and triumph in a series of transparent tracks giving glory to God for helping him overcome these obstacles. With his signature and unique soulful sound and witty lyricism he captures the listener's attention as well as their hearts this time around with his unconcealed testimony. This versatile 6- track EP is sure to musically grasp listeners through his distinct display of artistry as well as offer hope to those in search of true joy, peace and happiness!"

1. Blood Of Jesus feat. C.R.E.W.
2. Take Me Back/ Took Me Back
3. Great Depression feat J. Johnson
4. Smile More feat. Alana J
5. Hi- 5 feat. SavedGang Wayne, SavedGang Cite' & Outspoken
6. Stubborn Child feat. C.R.E.W.


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