SI Unitposted Fri, 08 Feb, 2013

SI Unit - The Incoming Mixtape (@the_SI_Unit)

[b]Artist: The SI Unit Album: The Incoming Mixtape Release Date: 2013[eb] 01. Intro - Coffeey speaks 02. The Lamb (Thunder) feat. Imms 03. Ewewu (Taps) 04. Let Em Know(Parable) 05. ILMD (Thunder,Coffeey,Joven Isaiah) - (Produced by Nixie of NRR) 06. Killa (Thunder,Coffeey) 07. Parable FreeStyle 08. Holy Ghost (Thunder) 09. Remember The Rain (Thunder) 10. God Or Vanity (Parable) 11. I Dont Know (Coffeey) 12. We Fly Together (Parable,Thunder,Taps) 13. I know (Thunder,Parable,Taps,Coffeey,Joven Isaiah) 14. Where You Go I Go (Thunder,Parable) feat. MercyFoundMe (Produced by Nixie of NRR)


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