Preachersposted Mon, 20 May, 2013

Preachers - Go Hard wins Award at CCMA (@preachersgh)

So the Christian Community Music Awards (CCMA) has come and gone. What can I say? It wasn't what I expected, matter of fact, it didn't meet my expectations. But am sure it was a blast for many that where there to witness their favorite artists/choirs perform worship and praise songs. For someone like me, I was expecting something much more urban and youth-centric and even though Cwesi Oteng was the only artists on the bill who came close to achieving that, I was still left wanting so much more. Many a times I found myself fighting my flesh, thinking and wishing I was at the VGMAs instead. Apart from the fact that they sold VIP tickets to the audience and there was no space to sit, there was no dais/lectern for artists to stand behind whilst presenting their speech which made the presentation look awkward. I don't know if it was a new style or something but it wasn't nice at all. Also it was quite embarrassing during a performance and you saw technicians moving back and forth, backstage fixing musical instruments. But nuff of the sad story, lets focus on the bright side. The highlight of the night for me and many GH Gospel Fans was when the 'Most Wanted Rap Song' category was won by Preachers. This category was heavily contested with artists such as Esaias, Regardless and even Lecrae. Guess it's right for me to say Preachers beat Lecrae to win the Most Wanted Rap Song of the year 2012. Hah! Well I have to say congrats to them, they have really worked hard and this is proof that their work ain't been in vain. You can check these hardworking, fire-spitting guys out at and also grab a copy of their latest album whilst there. Trust you won't regret it. Least of all, let me use this opportunity to congratulate all the other cats ie Esaias, Jay Shady, Regardless, Royal Priesthood, who were nominated, even though they didn't win any awards. At least their work was recognized whether it was just to fill the category or not. Good Job done and keep grinding. JCCafe | Host [email protected]¥$M0K£


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