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J-Freezy - Glory To The Lamb ft El-Kanate (@Jfreezy5 @ElKanate)

Jfreezy just released his first tune for 2017. It's 'Glory To The Lamb' off his 'Ain't Ordinary' Album.

This time, he got El-Kanate to join him speak of the greatness and good deeds of our Lord almighty, and how powerful and mightier God is.

Jfreezy is a Urban gospel artiste based in Zaria.

At the latter part of 2016, many Urban Gospel lovers in Zaria witnessed the release of Jfreezy's 'Ain't Ordinary' at RCCG Open Heavens Assembly Zaria, of which Glory To The Lamb is one of the song on the album. The CDs has been in the market for sales.

Listen and download, share this good news, connect Jfreezy to purchase a copy of the Album.


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