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DJ JaySmoke - The Introduction 2017 ft Edem Evangelist, Berean, Bodiless, Lil Krah, Joe Kay, The Township, Kobby Salm, Atakora (@jaysmoke)

DJ JaySmoke in collaboration with RepJesus Entertainment present The Introduction 2017. Dubbed the cypher of the year, the Introduction seek to present to the community young, fresh and gifted urban gospel Ministers who are making impact.

Selected purely by DJ JaySmoke, this year's cypher features some of the best rappers in the industry. On the bill we have Edem Evangelist, Berean, Bodiless, Lil Krah, Joe Kay, The Township, Kobby Salm and Atakora.


I have been privileged to be one of the goto persons when it comes to urban gospel and because of that, I get introduced to some really gifted rappers. My aim is to bring into the limelight some of these rappers whom I feel people should watch out for. Sometimes most of these guys, due to lack of exposure, are never seen or heard and that is very unfortunate. It is my prayer that this cypher will help expose these gifts to the rest of thr world says JaySmoke.

The Introduction was produced by one of Ghana's finest Ministers and producer, Christ Image. Mixed and mastered by Vacs.

This is just the beginning, watchout for the main event.

In the meantime, you can listen, download, comment below. Also check out the video if you want to see the faces behind the bars.



Edem Evangelist
Nobody can stop me
Enye anthem s3 wujin s3 mi bua just try see.
I stop aa e no be you wey do,
then I no really hold God Almighty
He be my holder life owner
still the same but yet older
Wan kira mpo na otis33 m3 wuradi nobody pana.
You and I we got work to do
Tell somebody the goodnews
he didn't die for you p3 but them too
Breda God is real believe him
forget the feeling receive him,
ebi heart issues forget the body soul solution G O D.

I be the .......(bride).
Wey Jesus be the .........(groom)
Even if my life be book.
Wey Satan dey flip my chapters.
He still no go fit be my pageboy.
Got pillow in my armpit.
Abeg,where power lies?
Chilling with the most high.
Mame high five.
God made me fly.
So Satan komot der plus your sky dive.
He dey deliver from temptation.
Fr3 no award winning midwife.
God still dey top like he noe dey fear height.
Maybe you don't know what time it is?
Sometimes when I reminisce.
My paddy.
I never buy mirror.
Buh dem say I dey see ma body!

The Township
This is a story of a Grizzly wearing man clothes
Your God is He prey or Predator, I say He does both
We was an army of mercenaries and cut throats
Moved from John to Opening Acts like we start shows
And the darkness still tryna find me like I'm Castro
Christ is basic, you were sleeping eh Maslow
Good guys cartel but they never call me Pablo
Caught the life boat we never sinking with the cargo
Argo. Blessed.

Lil Krah
No need to RUSH , 3firi s3 Nyame ne me LUCOZADE.
Greenade, thats what I'm made of.
Calabash, concave, filled with the Word of God.
Ofam meho s3 Fante Kenkey.
Na s3 me patri aaa, m3sore
Wop3s3 wokume , chai , m3tenase.
M'ahwease3 hy3 Nyame ns3m, wiase ns3m b3gye wons3m.
Brighten your mantam, na woy3 Lantern.
Lil Krah, me mma wo ns3mfi no nsisi m'asom s3 gutter.
Firi s3 3y3 borla, mekura soldierni akoma.
So i dont know surrender, that be the mentality.
Olympics jersey na 3hy3 me so am always on THE RUN , Need For Speed.
Mesen BOLT , s3 3b3hia me anaa m3yare ama mak) baabi,
Kai, i would not (KNOT)

Ame menya m3ka br)fo but m'adwen nyinaa ay3 me fante fante
Ntsi assay edur Junka Town zongo h) a b) mb)den ka kyer3 aunty Faati
D3 megyina ha na mic no na merewe n rap no na merefe, fitsi ahomakye
W)se mede Yesu Christo rey3 dede ntsi wastarte w)refr3 me Amakye
Dis year, Gospel rap akansi no maafa no world cup mereb) no gbonyo
Ntsi awo biaa etsim wo nan w) mekank) do de afe we s3 ennyi a, 3reb3y3 Pozo
To ma fellow soldiers, Gospel Rappers, Dancers, Singers ne h)n a w)y3 promo
Let's keep da faith, let's run a good race na yenya atseneneefo ahenky3 wen Christo comes

Joe Kay
Atanfo no hu meaa na )mo dwane fis3 me no na mekura the (War-ship/Worship)
Meno ma passe TEST no dada, charley you for give me all the MONIES.
Gotta tell them the spirit go M.ANIFEST,
now they know that i'm GOD's MC.
Nyame na koa like MALONZY.
Mo tan y3n diaa (Pharisee /Far like sea).
S3 na mato mebo na, mede me kasahare b3 sesa nipa, nukur3 ne )hai
then i put it for the city, wanna see the people change.
In CHRIST we Live "Fight!".
We die ,We Live Yeah!
Imma just tell them that heaven is real.
We the city on Hill, We the light of the world.
And we putting our souls and our heart in the WORD!
Mehnn we spreading the Gospel.
We gotta prepare for the KING!

Kobby Salm
Y3n dawgi rap na 3y3 devilish
Sunsum nni mu na hebaba no na 3y3 real worship
Let's join the bandwagon and stop trekking
Bars and punches not connecting
Christ Callers, We're deviating
Let us be you clear mirages
S3 nnua nyinaa ba b3 tenee y3 a, anka Wana na )b3y3 soduro
S3 anka agyenkwa no ba ma atenefo) a, anka Wana na ob3 d) ne wuo
So you know, We win souls
Don't judge us, it's not about the flow
From our hearts
We dey flow for the throne
Don't watch the Kimono

They told me it was all over.
So I started all over.
Now am blowing all over.
Like I am a bomb thrower.
Bronsam nyaa yanka
ma tia hwi ak) tu kro kwa
Nanso I am the last man standing.
Fr3 me Noah.
Men ny3 ns3mchr3 Nii.
Nso adom no nti me live.
OK)m ntaa de me.
Nso nyame as3m baa me gyidi.
Even if I sati,I still will swallow my pride.
Cause I know am on a journey.
Them hommies dey take a ride.


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