RepJesus.composted Thu, 14 Dec, 2017

Pacaso Ramirez - All Of Us (@PacasoRamirez)

Pacaso Ramirez - All Of Us ft Dimelo



All of us throw stones in these Glass Jars…

All of us transparent, but we act hard…
All of us get tempted ‘til the last straw…
But what’s it take to respond to a Holy God!

Don’t you know it, if faith is closed than it’s broken.
kind of like defending your computer space from Trojans.

When you’re wrapped and coasting in porn site’s that’s open.
It’s like an open grave, an invitation commotion.

Switching place for devotion, you’re embracing your organs.
Clutch your heart piece, cause your soul is facing corrosion.
You’re fighting an opponent, invisible to your notions.
Call the bomb squad; You’re about to face an explosion.

Click Clack, pull the pin, now watch it spread fast.
Kind of like gangrene, I’m confident, no trespass.
Call it karma, or like a rubber band it’s gonna stretch back.
All your priorities full of crap, no exlax.

Get it right man, what goes around, comes around.
You treating people, like this isn’t earth, you’re born in hell.
None of us got it made, living in a fairy tale,

But there’s a wisdom that we have, so we all prevail.


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