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@NikeyaYoung - Get yo mind right (@1god1army)

Nikeya Young is a firm believer that EVERY genre of music is God-inspired because the devil does not possess ANY creative power. 'All Satan can do is pervert that which already exists,' Nikeya says. Residing on the West side of Chicago where house music is VERY popular, Nikeya was inspired to take back this style of music for the Kingdom of God with "Get Yo Mind Right". The song is extremely catchy and inspires it's listeners to "Meditate it (God's Word) day & night!". "Get Yo Mind Right" is one of 10 power-packed tracks from Nikeya's debut album "Victorious One" which is now available on iTunes, CDBaby,, & Google Play. Website: FB: Twitter: @nikeyayoung Reverbnation: Producer: Rodney 'RJ' Young Twitter: @RodneyRJYoung


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