Christ Imageposted Sun, 26 Apr, 2020

Mowa - Good God (Prod by 3nity)

In times of trouble, everyone cries to the supreme deity he/she believes in. People resort to various means to help turn the situation around whether legally or illegally.
Urban Gospel rapper and Smack Soldiers Music Group artiste, Mowa pours his heart on his latest track Good God which is produced by 3nity to urge the youth to look up to the Almighty God when things go south. The youth of today believe in get rich and live fast forgetting about the future where their souls will be.
As the saying goes, you live fast, you die young, Mowa urges the youth to hold on to their faith and continue to wait on God. As we serve Good God, he will turn around the tide and things will go as we wish. Getting quick money does not end all things but if we wait on the Good God, he will put us on the right path.


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