How to be rich after you die (@jaysmoke)

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The richest, wisest man that ever lived once said;

"But as I looked at everything I had worked so hard to accomplish, it was all so meaningless—like chasing the wind. There was nothing really worthwhile anywhere - Eccl 2:11"

Christians flock to churches every week to hear the man of God proclaim financial prosperity. Celebrities, influencers, flock to social media everyday to gain more likes, follows etc. Musicians flock to YouTube, Spotify to attract more followers, streams. Politicians flock to Twitter to rant and trend. The ordinary person hustle daily 9am - 9pm just to get some paper. Some do all kinds of evil deeds just to get rich, famous or obtain power. But after all is said and done, after you have made all the money in the world, after you have gotten the whole world to follow you on social media, after you have killed innocent people to become the boss, after you have slept with all the men to get famous, after you have worked your butt off to have a good life, YOU WILL STILL DIE! And then what?

Everything you've done will be for nought! It is only the things you do for the Kingdom of God that will last. It will shock you that the poorest amongst us here will be the greatest in Heaven. The Bible says the first shall be the last and vice versa. Don't be fooled by their worldly successes, they are worthless in Heaven. Let's stop focusing on numbers and start focusing on the great commission. Angels rejoice when ONE soul is won. Make spreading the gospel your ultimate goal and when you on your sick bed, you won't feel like Solomon did but rather, like Paul did when he said I have fought the good fight! 2nd Tim 4:7

Shalom 🙏🏾

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The Great Commission. This takes me back to the sermon on Sunday at church. My pastor said that the mission, motive and mandate of God must be ours. He also said that the only thing that we do on earth that makes the whole of heaven rejoice is when ONE soul is won. Imagine how it will be like in heaven when multitudes give their lives to Christ! God bless us all
Very interesting.
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