Will you still serve if the blessings don't come? @jaysmoke

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These days it's very hard to determine if we are in this for the right reasons or we are in it for the blessings. Yes, we are promised blessings beyond our imagination, but what I am seeing, IMO, is that instead of waiting on God to bless us, we are rather using our strength to make that money and then claim it's God who did it. He said he will supply our needs, didn't say you will supply your own needs.

Anyways that's a different topic, the question I want to find out from us all is, if that promise of God isn't coming, if that money suddenly runs dry, if that fame you had is gone, if that anointing no longer is in effect and you lose everything you once had, if you are hit with the Moses, Joseph, Samson, David, Job experience....will you still serve God as passionately as you do? Will you go for shows with few people instead of the thousands? Will you go with economy class instead of business class? Will you sleep in a 2 star hotel instead of the 5? Will you take taxi instead of a 4 wheel? Will you go all out for God or will you give excuses and not serve like you ought to. If the thing you believing God for, doesn't come forth, will you still serve as hard as you do?

We peach servitude before business but very few of us are truly living that life. Even those highly successful are as such not because they chose servitude first but because they put a price on their servitude and quote verses like "a man's gift makes room for him" as if that room meant financial prosperity. 

The Gospel isn't about getting rich and living good, none of the disciples lived to get wealthy. They lived to spread the gospel and that should be our focus. For some of us, God can't even use us because we won't go, because we are too big now!

The blessing will or will not come, but don't serve because you hoping for the blessing to come! Leave that to God. Serve because there are souls to be won and let God handle the rest

Shalom 🙏🏾⠀⠀

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