About RepJesus.com

RepJesus.com is your one stop center for everything Christian. Powered by RepJesus Entertainment, the focus is to create a platform that serves the Christian community and the world at large with Christian content from around the world.

The internet has been a great source of information for a very long time now and as Christians, we find ourselves caught up in a web that isn't designed to favor us, and as such many fall victim to the many ungodly content out there. RepJesus.com tries to be this safe space where any believer can share their stories and encourage millions to keep serving.

It can get pretty lonely out there on the world wide web but at RepJesus.com, we believe that we are one big family, with no discrimination on color, race or background. We believe that we can do so much more together than separated and together, we can create a world that's built on Godly foundation.

What is RepJesus.com
Before the Lord left us, He gave this one instruction to the disciples, "Go and make disciples of all nation". We wholeheartedly believe that every believer's assignment is to preach the Gospel of Christ and to win souls. Thanks to the advent of the internet, we have seen countless examples of such activities from all across the world. From people preaching on the streets, to musicians singing to a groups of people, to individuals dancing to a gospel song, to artists capturing amazing biblical moments on canvas, to people just sharing a word of encouragement with others etc. We like to call these activities 'REPS' which is short for represent and people are 'representing Jesus' all over the world everyday, but due to the vast nature of the internet, these contents are scattered all over and become inaccessible to someone unless they are told about it.

We want to change that at RepJesus.com. By creating a place where you get Christian content only, you are sure to find something that sparks your interest. From music videos to audio, photos to quotes, our website serves as a collating portal for everything Gospel. 

Mission & Vision
Our mission is to be the largest online portal for Christian content. We want to serve the world with the largest collection of Christian materials from movies, videos, audio, blogs, photos etc. In the near future, RepJesus.com will evolve into a mobile app and make it alot easier for anyone to access the content. 

How to Use
Membership on RepJesus.com is free. Once you sign up and verify your account, simply login and you will be able to use the website to the fullest. You can like a rep, comment on a rep, claim a rep, share a rep. You can also post a rep and share with the rest of the community.

We pray and hope that you enjoy your experience here. Our hope is that each person in our community is on an active journey to becoming who God made them to be. So share a rep with the community today, invite us into your journey and be an inspiration to someone.

God bless you.
Justin M
CEO • Founder

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