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What is RepJesus Online?

RepJesus Online is a free Christian social media platform where users share all kinds of Christ-centric content including music, videos, pictures, events, downloads and many more.

I cannot find the verification email.

Most often, the verification email is sent to your spam. Kindly check your spam and you'll find it there. If you still can't find it, try resending the verification mail again and then check your spam.

What can I post on RepJesus Online?

You can post literally anything you find online. If you have a song, if you have a video on youtube, if you have an album hosted on a sharing platform like mediafire, dropbox, google drive etc, if you have an artwork, if you have a book hosted on an ecommerce platform, if you have a spoken word, if you have a tv show, if you have an upcoming event, if you have a sermon, if you have a quote, if you have a scripture verse, if you have a product etc. 

We have designed the App to cater for your needs. Simply select the right method ie Audio, Video, Blog, Link or Note and start sharing.

Who can use RepJesus Online?

RepJesus Online is available all over the world to anyone willing to use it. The only requirement is that what you post MUST BE Christ-Centric. In other words, it has to be Christian. Any violation of this will result in that account being blocked.


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